BRONZE, a combination of metals from the earth
BRASS, most commonly used for wind instruments
JAZZ, an American musical movement
Los Angeles
Little Tokyo

BRONZE, BRASS, JAZZ is a surreal documentary journey of a place and time that lasted for roughly three years in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles in the 1940's when the Japanese were incarcerated during WWII. Its name was Bronzeville and among the many thousands of African-Americans who lived, worked, and owned businesses there, were places known as Breakfast Clubs; late night diners and bars that was home to a booming jazz scene...where a band's first set began at 1am and breakfast was served for those just getting off work in the early morning. In this 3-minute VR animation, a phantasm of Charlie Parker roams these same Bronzeville streets as he has before, replaying the same gig at Finale Club (230 1/2 East First Street) every night for all eternity, while history continues to repeat itself like a dream.

BRONZE, BRASS, JAZZ Credits: Co-Directors: Javier Barboza of Kaleidoscope Media Studio & Maya Santos of Form follows Function; VR Director: Adriana Copete; VR Editor: Reggie Lamar Ford; Co-Producers: Javier Barboza, Eseel Borlasa, Joel Quizon
Executive Producers: Visual Communications, Eseel Borlasa; Original Score: Dexter Story Music Publishing
VR Tech Consultant: Vicki Huang; Assistant Animator: Meejin Hong; 3D Modeler: Eric Pato
Sound Designer: Eric Pepper; Titles: Robert Calcagno; Research: Kathie Foley-Meyer, Maya Santos, Eseel Borlasa

Presented at the 33rd Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival as part of "Bronzeville, Little Tokyo", a 2-day multi-media and site-specific activation of Historic First Street North. Funded by California Arts Council, with support from Little Tokyo Service Center +LAB



Walking with Grace is a short 360º video documentary that highlights Little Tokyo places and streets through the perspective of Grace Chikui, a blind woman and long-time resident.

WALKING WITH GRACE is a production presented by Form follows Function and Visual Communications, with VR Direction and Spatial Audio App/Design by Vicki Huang which premiered at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival in April 2016; as part of the program, INTERACTIVE LITTLE TOKYO!

The WALKING WITH GRACE team would like to thank everyone that helped this project; especially our Crowdrise donors:
Amreen Karmali, Angelica Tonatzin, Borlasa Family, Cecille Cervancia, CES, Dodge & Ging, Ed Moy, Eliza Escano, Glenn Togo, Jackie Liao, Jeanell Allenegui, Kathie Foley-Meyer, KawaiiSKI, Lindy, Melanie Espinueva+Aure, Nancy Yap, Nicole Miyahara, Pebbles, Robert Shoji, T-kay San Juan, Tito Boboy & Tita Myrna and our donors who preferred to be listed as Anonymous